Médipôle Partenaires

Médipôle Partenaires is the second largest independent private hospital group in France, created by the merger of Médipôle Sud Santé with Médi-Partenaires in June 2014. It currently employs around 12,000 people.

Sector Healthcare Office Paris
Acquired 2011 Deal size N/D



Under Bridgepoint's ownership the group now operates 38 clinics and 6,300 beds in France's most demographically attractive regions and covers the patient's full "care pathway" including high margin pre and post-operative care.


Médipôle was sold in 2016 to French private hospital operator Elsan for an undisclosed sum having completed 11 acquisitions under Bridgepoint ownership.




To learn more about the company, visit www.medi-partenaires.com



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