Our approach

We believe that it’s good business practice to have strong environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles – and that building these principles into our business practices is good for our investors, employees, investee companies and their stakeholders in the long term. As well as complying with regulatory requirements, we encourage our own teams and the companies we back to make ESG considerations a part of everyday business.

Our approach is led by the Firm's core values, which we expect our teams to adhere to in the way they conduct themselves and represent Bridgepoint - and in turn, wherever relevant, in our environmental, social and governance policies.


We are very aware of our environmental impact in the countries where we operate – for example through the goods and services we buy, the products we consume, the investment processes we apply when we acquire companies.


We insist that our investee companies comply with employment laws, especially relating to employees’ rights and welfare, and encourage them to work with responsible trading partners and suppliers. Bridgepoint’s own commitment to broader social issues is made through the Bridgepoint Charitable Trust.


Governance to us means more than simply complying with laws in the countries where we and our investee companies operate; we also have governance structures to ensure that we are completely accountable, transparent and that our interests are aligned with those of our investors.

Our values & culture

We have a well defined set of values to guide our teams, and we have high expectations about how they behave and represent Bridgepoint – and as far as possible we apply these values in our approach to ESG.