What we do


Bridgepoint seeks to acquire companies with strong market positions and earnings growth potential where significant additional value can be created through expansion and operational improvement. Typically, we will make equity investments between €75 million and €400 million in companies capitalised between €200 million and €1 billion. Our lower middle market business Bridgepoint Development Capital specialises in investments in businesses valued up to a €150 million, taking equity stakes of between €10 million and €75 million.

Bridgepoint Development Capital

Bridgepoint Development Capital provides funding to businesses headquartered in France, the Nordic region and the UK, normally buyouts valued up to €150m, looking for an investment partner.

Bridgepoint Growth

Bridgepoint Growth provides growth equity to fast-growth smaller businesses typically valued up to £30 million, predominantly in the UK.


Sector knowledge

Our investment team invests in six broad sectors where we have the most experience, and which we believe offer the best middle market investment opportunities: Business Services, Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Industrials and Media & Technology.

Over 60 transactions completed in the last 10 years